About MetodeLab

MetodeLab is a comprehensive offer for teachers who teach nature/technology who want new tools and inspiration for teaching.

MetodeLab focuses on the research method in the natural sciences. What methods are there? How do we choose a method? How do we investigate a phenomenon based on the method? In addition to a teacher training course, MetodeLab offers a number of tools that make it easy and clear to use methods in teaching.

MetodeLab is based on nature / technique 4. CKF: ‘Working methods and ways of thinking.

Become method conscious

The goal of MetodeLab is to make both teachers and students aware of the choice of method. Test a hypothesis or find an answer to a professional question by selecting the method that is most suitable for the task.

There are different research methods. There are different ways to work professionally with a topic. MetodeLab shows the way to how you as a teacher can really get the method included in science teaching.

A teacher training course with accessories

MetodeLab is based on a teacher training course that runs over two consecutive days. The course is supported by a number of tools and materials. After completing the course and equipped with MetodeLab’s tools, teachers will be able to immediately test their new competencies in the classroom.

Read more about the MetodeLab course here

The background of MetodeLab

The concept and idea behind MetodeLab have been developed by Experimentarium and fully supported by the Lundbeck Foundation. Experimentarium is Denmark’s first science center and is located in Hellerup north of Copenhagen. The Experimentarium is responsible for a number of exhibitions and experiences where schoolchildren and families come to explore the natural sciences. The country’s schools are a completely natural target group for our many diverse activities.

With a focus on the dissemination of science, we would always like to be able to contribute to the teaching and offer new angles on learning. Courses aimed at teachers are an important area, and we are especially proud to be able to offer the MetodeLab course.