MethodLab course

MetodeLab is a two-day teacher course that is active, practical and methodical.
The MetodeLab courses are mobile and are happy to come out to you.

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Scientific thinking – even without line subjects

The course has been developed with a special focus on those teachers who do not have line subjects in science/technology. We are based on nature/technology 4. CKF ‘Working methods and ways of thinking.’ In the course, we introduce five concrete research methods, which are the basis for the practical work in nature/technology.

Benefit from MetodeLab course

  • After two course days – with exercises, play, experiments and professional discussions – the participants have:
    Gained practical experience with five basic research methods , which are used in nature / technology.
  • Got new tools for planning teaching courses.
  • Gained new knowledge and inspiration to work on with students and colleagues at the school.
  • MetodeLab has published various learning materials which are used on the course.
  • A booklet MetodeKit – set methods on the form, which contains 14 activities for nature / technology.
  • A box, a MetodeKit, with various materials that belong to the booklet with the 14 activities.
  • Forms and signs for download here on the website .
  • An anthology Methods in science with a collection of articles on the use of methods in teaching.

The MetodeLab course has been developed by Experimentarium, as part of the MetodeLab project .

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